User guide for Expats - Tenants

1. How to find an accomodation in

How to find an accommodation?

     + First, you have to accept to homepage of site.

     + Second, you use the filter tool to find your accomodation.


     + 1st area: You can fillter accomodationby type of comercial of accomodation like sale, rent or all.

     + 2nd area: You can input your location or title of accomodation that you want to find.

     + 3rd area: You can choose type of accomodation like: home, apartment, hotel, service apartment...

     + 4th area: You choose the accomodatioin's area that you want to find.

     + 5th area: After you processing from 1st area to 4st area, you should click on search button to filter, and then you can get accomodations that you want to find.


     You can also find accommodation by using Custom Filters widget in the window on the right hand side of the home page

2. How can i booking an accomodation?

     To book an accomodation, you should processing by some steps belows:

   + First, you should open the post about accomodation that you find from Item # 1 above.

   + Second, you input your requies in Enquiry form wiget that's in right side of the current window.

==>Then the landlord or broker or agent of the property will contact you as soon as possible.


     You can also contact the landlord or investor or agent or broker directly at the Agent widget on the right hand side of the current window.

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