What is HouseForRentVn.com?

About HouseForRentVn.com

     HouseForRentVn.com is a portal that is under the management of UyTinPhat services and trading company limited. We offer apartments, service apartments, houses, mini apartments... to rent (or sale) for expats who are living or working in Vietnam.

     This portal also allows homeowners and investors, who represents the owner of the property type in Vietnam can be posted advertisements for real estate to foreign customers.

      All information will be reviewed by the board of Development Credits to ensure the authenticity of information Properties to rent (or sell).

Our Philosophy

       UyTinPhat aims to be the best service provider for foreigners living in Vietnam! It's special in Hanoi! With many years experience in property rental and real estate, UyTinPhat is a trustable place  for expats in Vietnam to find rental properties. We offer a wide range of services from office, apartment, to residental rental.  UyTinPhat is committed in providing professional, efficient, flexible and friendly services that suit individual client and their family needs with the emphasis of ensuring successful and stress-free relocation to Vietnam. Our service is not only from the beginning but throughout your living time in Vietnam. UyTinPhat team is ready to assist you to deal with everything related to your stay in Vietnam. UyTinPhat conducts the business based on an ethical, fair-trading and compliant  business relationship with both corporate clients and suppliers.           

Our objectives

      To understand very well requirements of our customers, provide them the cost-effective and time-saving service. 
Provision of useful information to clients and their families, pre- and post arrival, designed to assist their adaptation to their new life in Vietnam. 
To build a strong customer relationship. We want UyTinPhat to become a trustable, reliable,  friendly place for expats living in Vietnam.

Our staffs

       Regionally based experts and experienced management staffs are fully supportive and responsible in finding rental properties. 
Property finder staff are dynamic and active in finding properties. These people bring a competitive advantage to UyTinPhat comparing with our competitors. 
Photograph agent staff are fast and accurate, they bring a latest properties on the market to our customers sometimes in only one hour.